Weekly Newsletter - Fall Edition


I hope all of you beautiful women are feeling glorious evening. I don’t know about you, but I am a sucker for everything Fall. There is no better feeling than seeing the leaves change colors and feeling a cool breeze gracing my face in every direction. 

With the year rapidly coming to an end I wanted to implement my New Year’s resolution early! Every Sunday I will be sending out a short and sweet newsletter that will inform you on changes within the company, new items, and everything you need to know about me, the CEO of Pelouche by Daphne Joas. 

Putting a face to my brand is something I will continuously work on; as well as putting a face to my customer. I am eager to know all of your needs and concerns so I can give you the quality you love and deserve. 

With love, 

Daphne Joas

CEO of Pelouche By Daphne Joas


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